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Our Mission, Vision and Values


The PATH to Care Center leads the efforts to transform our campus into a community that is free of sexual violence, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking through prevention, advocacy, training, and healing. We collaborate with the campus community to make social change with the goals of preventing, intervening in, and responding to harassment and violence, eliminating oppression, and creating the culture and environment we all aspire to and deserve.


We envision a campus community free of violence and grounded in social justice. This vision will be realized when every member of our community is a beacon of support and respect for those around them.


We believe prevention comes first. We know that with time and concerted efforts, violence is 100% preventable, and we believe that, as a UC Berkeley community, we have a moral imperative to prevent violence and suffering.

We center survivors. Survivors began and are imperative to the movement to end sexual violence across the country; their experiences and perspectives are critical to healing and transforming our culture in genuine and meaningful ways.

We are grounded in social justice. We understand that violence is rooted in oppression and that oppression is intersectional, so our approach must also be intersectional. We commit ourselves to expanding access, practicing inclusion, and undoing oppression wherever and whenever possible.

We believe safety is a right. Every human in our community should receive respect for their bodily and emotional integrity and autonomy — always, in every situation.

We practice self-care and kindness. Work grounded in these practices is more sustainable, effective, and transformative.

We seek and value the wisdom of our community. We take a communal approach to our work, knowing that we are all learning from each other.

We are optimistic and hopeful. We know that, as a community, we can eliminate violence and create the campus community we want.