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Manager’s Playbook

The Manager’s Playbook is a resource for the prevention of sexual harassment in administrative and academic departments. It is designed as a series of 10-15 minute discussions that are facilitated by a supervisor with their staff/supervisees during regularly scheduled times, such as team meetings. Supervisors choose at least 4 prompts to discuss during a semester. 

To implement the program, supervisors attend a training and receive a facilitator’s guide. Ongoing consultation and support is also available from the PATH to Care Center.

Discussion Topics

  1. Gender-Based Respect
  2. Consent in the Workplace
  3. Modeling Consent for Others
  4. Inclusive Language in the Workplace
  5. Healthy Communication & Conflict
  6. Taking Personal Responsibility as Bystanders
  7. Gaining Confidence Intervening
  8. Inclusive Practices

In The Facilitator’s Guide

  • Facilitation tips
  • Suggested language for introducing and closing each topic
  • Discussion questions & examples of answers
  • Additional resources for supervisors to strengthen facilitation & communication skills

Why It Works

The Manager’s Playbook deepens a team’s capacity to prevent sexual violence and harassment by:

  • Incorporating more frequent sessions of prevention programming than a single annual training
  • Creating a culture of respect beyond compliance with policy
  • Addressing individual, interpersonal, as well as structural opportunities for growth
  • Reinforcing positive, healthy norms within intact communities (the team)
  • Developing leadership and skill in facilitating challenging conversations and modeling healthy behavior

Getting Started

Interested managers and supervisors, including faculty in supervisory roles, please contact the PATH to Care Center at for a consultation.