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Manager’s Playbook

Manager’s Playbook is a professional development opportunity and resource for the prevention of employee sexual harassment in administrative and academic departments. It is designed as a series of 10-15 minute discussions that are facilitated by a leader with their team during regularly scheduled times, such as staff meetings. 

To implement the program, leaders attend 3 hours of training to sharpen their facilitation skills and receive a comprehensive facilitator’s guide of discussion prompts. Supervisors choose at least 4 prompts to discuss during a semester. Additional support and coaching is available, but not required, from the PATH to Care Center.

The next training will be virtual in two parts: on Tuesday June 4 & Thursday June 6, at 10 – 11:30am. Please complete this Interest Form by 5/17 – space is limited!

The program can be implemented by anyone who has positional or influential power including:

  • Supervisors of student staff
  • Volunteer coordinators
  • Postdocs, academic appointees, & visiting scholars
  • Faculty, especially chairs, PIs, Equity Advisors
  • Administrators & Deans

Discussion Topics

  1. Gender-Based Respect
  2. Consent in the Workplace
  3. Modeling Consent for Others
  4. Inclusive Language in the Workplace
  5. Healthy Communication & Conflict
  6. Taking Personal Responsibility as Bystanders
  7. Gaining Confidence Intervening
  8. Inclusive Practices

In The Facilitator’s Guide

  • Facilitation tips
  • Suggested language for introducing and closing each topic
  • Discussion prompts & examples of answers
  • Additional resources for leaders to strengthen facilitation & communication skills


Program evaluations show that implementing Manager’s Playbook:

  • Results in a more inclusive climate in the department
  • Has a positive effect on the unit/team’s climate of sexual harassment
  • Increases investment by department members in preventing sexual harassment
  • Results in the team being better able to collaborate to address a complex problem
  • In addition, some leaders report that these skills also enable them to engage in other difficult conversations with their teams.

Why It Works

The Manager’s Playbook deepens a team’s capacity to prevent sexual violence and harassment by:

  • Incorporating more frequent sessions of prevention programming than a single annual training
  • Creating a culture of respect beyond compliance with policy
  • Addressing individual, interpersonal, as well as structural opportunities for growth
  • Reinforcing positive, healthy norms within intact communities (the team)
  • Developing leadership and skill in facilitating challenging conversations and modeling healthy behavior

Getting Started

Complete this Interest Form by 5/17 to attend the next training. It will be virtual in two parts: on Tuesday June 4 & Thursday June 6, at 10-11:30am. 

Interested individuals can also contact the PATH to Care Center at at any time.