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Our Approach

The PATH to Care Center believes in all kinds of healing and recognizes that healing can take a variety of forms for every individual. We believe in the value of a process that releases trauma and we support folks re-connecting to community, cultural, and intergenerational practices of healing. Our healing services offer an opportunity to reconnect to the self and explore what self-care and healing mean to each survivor.

Our Services

Support Groups

Support groups provide a space for survivors to practice, build, and share healing strategies & modalities with the support of and in community with others. 

Spring 2024 Offering: Healing in Community Graduate Support Group (Remote)

Somatic Healing

Somatic healing sessions help reset survivors’ nervous systems and develop skills needed to support in releasing trauma that is stored in the body. The goal of each session is to have time back to oneself in a guided facilitation where you feel present (not dissociative) and to restore the mind-body connection. 

Spring 2024 Offering: Remote Monthly Somatic Healing with Confidential Advocate Riss

Sound Healing

Sound healing sessions offer a way to engage in direct energy work to release trauma from the body. The sounds from the alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls can be impactful physically on the mind/body and allow the brain to enter a peaceful theta (or pre-sleep) state, helping the mind to settle, the parasympathetic nervous system to engage, and the body to access the benefits of deep rest. Using guided breath work and nature imagery along with the sounds of the singing bowls, sound healing offers a practice of deep relaxation.

Spring 2024 Offering: Remote 1:1 Sound Healing with Joy
  • Who: UC Berkeley students, staff, faculty, affiliates, and community members of all genders and identities
  • When: 45 minute sessions available most Fridays February-April, 10AM-4PM
  • How to register: Spring 2024 Sound Healing Registration Form 

Yoga as Healing

This program offers participants a space to decolonize and reclaim healing practices in community, as well as reconnect to the self through mind, body, and spirit. Yoga can provide survivors of sexual violence a means of becoming reacquainted with their bodies, help them become grounded in the present moment, and allow them to explore the benefits of mindfulness as they flow breath to movement in guided practice and meditation. 

Spring 2024 Offerings

Please check back soon for more information about our Spring 2024 Yoga as Healing program.

Art Modality Healing

There are many ways to cope and move in the direction of healing post a traumatic experience. Sometimes there are things we can put on paper with our hands that we can not speak yet. Art modality healing is a creative and alternative way to process and cope with traumatic experiences. It is a tool you can incorporate in your own healing journey.

Healing Garden

The PATH To Care Center is home to a beautiful healing garden filled with plants and herbs. This garden is only accessible to clients and those utilizing the services of the PATH to Care Center.

Healing Space

The PATH To Care Center has open office hours available for clients to use the community room/library, private quiet spaces, and self-care supplies/tools.


If your academic department, unit, or student organization has been impacted by SVSH, you can consult with us about a healing plan for your group. Please email with the subject “Healing Consult.”

Workshops by Request

The survivor support team offers the following workshops by request:

  • Healing Circles facilitated for intact communities that have been impacted by SVSH.
  • Vicarious Trauma Release workshops focus on how to take care of yourself and interrupt the impacts of working directly and daily with trauma in your work or student organization.

Requesting Workshops for Your Community

If you would like to request one of the healing workshops for your community, please email with the subject “Healing Workshop Request.”