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Social Norms Seed Grants

The Social Norms Seed Grants program increases the capacity of community members to promote civility, respect, consent, and positive practices among their peers.

Social norms are the unwritten rules about how to behave, and most of us usually hold similar, healthy, positive views. But people are less likely to act on their own values and beliefs if they think their peers hold different norms. This becomes a concern when we incorrectly perceive the norms based on a hyper-vocal minority. Social norms campaigns use data from your own community to communicate the healthy attitudes of the majority, which encourages everyone to increase pro-social behavior. Read an overview of the Social Norms Approach.

Annual grants of up to $2500 are available to campus communities to develop and evaluate the impact of a media campaign over the course of a year with support from sexual violence and sexual harassment prevention experts from the PATH to Care Center and the Center for Support and Intervention.

Campaigns can be printed materials, videos, social media, events, or any other form of creative communication. They should communicate positive community values, norms, and/or attitudes about sexual violence and sexual harassment based on existing or newly collected data.

A grant team can be formed by any community within UC Berkeley: students, staff and faculty at an institute; an RSO; grad students in a lab; academic advising staff within a college; faculty of color; etc.

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