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Consultation with Departments

With our focus on prevention, we aim to help your department engage proactively, rather than waiting until an incident occurs. The PATH to Care Center offers consultations with academic & administrative departments as partners in preventing violence and supporting survivors. Each department serves a unique role in the Berkeley community, and each is well-positioned to help address these issues.

What we offer:

  1. Meetings between PTC prevention staff and department members and decision-makers to learn about and identify prevention strategies that can be tailored to your department. We help you assess your department’s needs and clarify what members of the department are observing.
  2. A focus on your goals. We help you sort through the big questions: how to change culture, as well as how to have policies and practices which create an environment in which harassment and violence are less likely.
  3. Assessment of your department’s culture. When it comes to sexual violence and harassment, it’s important that we not just address our individual behaviors, but that we also examine how our culture either perpetuates harm or actively creates safety. Here at Cal, many of our academic departments are communities of their own, with their own norms and values. We can help you and your colleagues to collectively work to lift up positive and healthy norms and values, while doing away with those that allow harassment and violence to occur.
  4. Work through our prevention toolkit – Our toolkit for preventing harassment in academic departments offers your department a collaborative, one semester planning process that results in a comprehensive plan (administrative departments coming soon). We can help you use it. Access Toolkit here.

These services are free, confidential, and structured as consultations, to help you proactively create prevention plans best fit for your department.