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  Notice – The latest updates on the evolving COVID-19 policies and resources for the campus communityx
Path to Care crisis services are still available.

Consultations for Student Groups

As a resource for the entire UC Berkeley community, dedicated to preventing violence and to supporting survivors, the PATH to Care Center peer consultants offer consultations with student groups as partners in this mission. Each student group serves unique roles in the Berkeley community, and serves different community members. Every student group is well-positioned to address these issues.

We’re here to help. What we do:

  1. Assess the group’s collective needs. A student group is built on trust and connection, and after an incident occurs, those bonds can be shaken and members can feel unsafe. We can help your group to figure out if you’re in a place in need of healing, and assess and develop a plan for how the group can once again feel safe.
    1. Every group’s healing needs will be different, as every experience is different. If your group has already been through or does not require help with the healing process, we can assist you in developing a plan for prevention, both by helping put policies and procedures in place to create a space where the group can prevent this from happening again and by creating a plan to address these issues if an incident does occur again.
  2. We can meet with anyone in the group interested in involvement in these issues: while this often entails meeting with group leadership, such as a Vice President, President, or Secretary, many student organizations do not have leadership structures. No matter the structure of your group, we can help develop a plan for moving forward.
  3. Help you assess plans from a trauma-informed, survivor-centered lens, as well as hold members accountable.

No matter the size, formality, or structure of your student group, we are here to help. We’ve assisted groups of all sizes – from small clubs, to student government organizations, to large Greek Life cohorts. We are here to help you work through these challenges and craft your individualized prevention and response plan.

To contact us: call the PATH to Care Center’s Main Line: 510-642-1988; or email