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Campuswide Social Norms

3 out of 4 people at Berkeley would seek help to STOP their peer from stalking another person.
4 out 5 people at Berkeley would redirect a CONDESCENDING conversation.
3 out of 5 people at Berkeley would speak up about a sexist joke.

Did you realize that most people on campus are as likely as you to step up to create a healthier campus? How does knowing that change what you will do?

How You Can Create a Campus Free of Sexual Violence & Harassment

  1. Reblog the reality (shareable graphics of campaign with accessible captions; press coverage; tag #WeCARE #ActiveBystander #NoMore #PromotePreventionSupportSurvivors @PATHtoCareUCB @CalBearsThatCare to be entered to win a $25 gift card)
  2. Be an everyday active bystander. Interrupt things before they get worse! Learn about the indirect and direct ways you can help.
  3. Create a social norms campaign that is tailored to your department, unit, RSO, identity group, or other specific community! Contact us at or apply to the Social Norms Seed Grant Program for AY 20-21.

About Social Norms Campaigns

Social norms are the unwritten rules about how to behave, and most of us usually hold similar, healthy, positive views. But we are less likely to act on their own values and beliefs if we think our peers hold different views. This becomes a problem when we misperceive the norms based on a hyper-vocal minority that holds unhealthy attitudes.

Social norms campaigns use data from your own community to communicate the healthy attitudes of the majority, which encourages everyone to increase pro-social behavior. Read an overview of the Social Norms Approach.